Short Stories

“Am I Really Here!?” ….
By: Johnathan Douglas
March 20, 2009

John has “Big exciting plans!” for her tonight … She takes a deep breath and walks through heavy graffiti covered doorsThey slam shut behind her just as the stench of loud music, booze, leather, and cigarette smoke  hits her in the face … She realizes her husband has NEVER taken her out to a BAR before! … Ever …  Long story short a seedy looking biker bar isn’t quite the place for a stuck up conservative wench like her Men all over the bar leer like wolves as she stands there dressed for her high class night out on the town …  She can feel these dirty pigs ripping her clothes off with their eyes … She just sports her classic naive smile and nudges closer to her husband “What the HELL are we doing HERE!?”… Go on ahead and find us a place, I’ll get a few drinks.” before she can object John pats her on the behind and disappears into the crowd “Find us a place!?”,  She takes a good look around a room filled with men who look like they just got out of prison … Today!

She walks over to an empty booth in a dark corner and slides in … Out of the corner of her eye she sees…. 

Two Men  … They Look Mean!

Or …

“Hmmm, John” … Lookin Good Tonight!

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