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Posted: June 20, 2012 in 911
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Perhaps the complete corruption of every aspect of our lives, the unnecessary elimination of our unalienable rights, the arbitrary deaths of purposefully uncounted millions, and an illegal series of wars for profit that will admittedly never end now amuses the Ex Associate Producer for Judge Andrew Napolitano’s, “Freedom Watch” … It does not amuse me in the least … The “Truth Movement” is not simply a monumental joke built upon figments of the imagination … No, the Truth movement is a direct result of a lawless executive branch’s immediate unwillingness to criminally investigate a crime along with their wanton destruction of crucial evidence at the most crucial time. Who knows, Austin Petersen, if the US government had done its duty in the first place perhaps there would be no need for your version of the “Liberty Movement” either? ….

Hey Austin Petersen … Is this footage authentic?


ANONYMOUS “DEBUNKER”#1: Sure, but it’s hardly a smoking gun.

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: Then why does Petersen keep deleting it over and over? … Besides I didn’t ask if it was ….



JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: Yes or no Austin? ….


JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: Paw … What’s the matter Austin? … Hurt too much?

AUSTIN PETERSEN: Your reposting of this seems a little crazy.

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: You not answering a simple yes or no question is what seems crazy ….

ANONYMOUS “DEBUNKER”#2: They’re not explosions. They are the air and debris being expelled by thousands of tons of force created by the drop of the building above it pancaking the floors. The reason it keeps up with the collapse of the building is because it has to, it’s caused by it. Buildings pancake like that all the time in earthquakes. The collapse of each compromised floor generates enough force to compromise the one below it in a chain reaction.

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: I didn’t ask you or anyone else anything about explosions … I asked Austin here a specific question … I’d like an answer from HIM … Is Austin too weak to answer his own questions or do you guys help him in the bathroom too?

ANONYMOUS “DEBUNKER”#2: It’s what I saw on TV on 9/11.

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: So there’s two yes votes … How about you Austin Petersen?

AUSTIN PETERSEN: I’m too weak to answer. My neocon kochtopus ties are compelling me not to.

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: And you have the nerve to call yourself a debater ….

ANONYMOUS “DEBUNKER” #3: YouTube videos prove one thing conclusively…some people will believe anything they see on the internet.

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: So you’re saying this video is fake … I know some videos on the internet are fake and some are real just like some books at the library are fiction and some are not … I asked about this particular footage so don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining ….

ANONYMOUS “DEBUNKER” #3: Sorry John, but I’ve got a video that says the Saucer People are real. You need something more credible, preferably from multiple sources.

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: So you are saying this particular footage is fake yes or no?… Because I didn’t ask anyone especially you about every other video on the internet ….

ANONYMOUS “DEBUNKER” #3: I have no idea. It won’t play on my phone. All I’m saying is that the source is less than credible.

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: The source was Nist and they got it from actual footage caught on that day so maybe the next time you decide to dismiss evidence outright you should at least look at it first ….

ANONYMOUS “DEBUNKER” #3: I didn’t dismiss it. I recommended that you find multiple credible sources. The question also arises that if such an all-powerful conspiracy existed how come it can’t delete YouTube videos?

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: Did I ask about any of that? … This particular footage is either fake or it’s not … Are you down for a yes or no?

ANONYMOUS “DEBUNKER” #3: Alright John, I watched it. I watched it with the sound off so as to not be influenced by the commentary. You know what I saw? A building falling down and not a single explosion.

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: An explosion is a rapid release of pressure and I saw quite a few but I didn’t ask you that …

ANONYMOUS “DEBUNKER” #3: Is the footage legit? Yes. Do I see an explosion? No.

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: I didn’t ask anything other than one yes or no question … Your answer is yes ….

ANONYMOUS “DEBUNKER”#2: I watched it again. There is no pattern. Just random points where air was escaping at great force from the core via the path of least resistance. Air may seem insubstantial, but a tornado can drive a piece of straw into a telephone pole. If they were explosives, the number seems too small to take down a building.

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: Now I’m confused … All of you guys just said you didn’t see any explosions at all … Are you trying to debunk yourselves?

ANONYMOUS “DEBUNKER”#1: There aren’t any explosions there, so how could we see them? …

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: Your friend just said he did and you liked his comment I thought you were agreeing with him …

ANONYMOUS “DEBUNKER”#1: I guess you’re playing a cute game with yourself, and that’s fun, but I certainly don’t see where he said he saw explosions.

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: So now there are no explosions again … You guys should get your stories straight and come back I guess ….

AUSTIN PETERSEN: Really? You think we should get our stories straight? How many editions of loose change were there? Were the planes holograms? Who loaded WTC7 with charges? Who piloted flight 93? lol

I didn’t see any explosions. Generally with explosions things explode.

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: So … The great Austin Petersen finally joins us … I don’t know I’ve never seen loose change or whatever so I can’t answer your question … Your friend just said that air “escaped at great force” … Air that happened to be filled with pulverized concrete through the path of most resistance … That is an explosion … So maybe you are playing games … I think they call it semantics or something ….

So Austin is this footage authentic?

AUSTIN PETERSEN: Do I look like a freakin geologist? If you’re so convinced it’s an explosion, why do you need our approval?

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: Geologist? … Don’t they study Rocks? … I said footage aren’t you in show business or something? … I didn’t ask anyone about explosions ….

AUSTIN PETERSEN: Sorry not geologist. Seismologist. Same thing right? I read it on Youtube.

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: Blah blah blah … Hey Austin … Is the footage authentic or not? … I know you’re a smart guy you can drop the act …..

AUSTIN PETERSEN: Pleased to introduce you to


ANONYMOUS “DEBUNKER” #3: ”The simplest solution is usually the correct one.”

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS:  I’m well aware of Occam’s Razor … It helps my stance more than yours so I’m not sure why you’re throwing that in my face … Footage is authentic … Yes or no Austin? ….

AUSTIN PETERSEN: I never took explosion go boom watch a youtube and it’s true class.

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS:  Footage I posted … Authentic or not? … Yes or no? ….

AUSTIN PETERSEN: According to my studies in ancient astrology. The video footage was faked by NASA to convince the Russians that it was an inside job to divert from our reptilian study project.

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS:  Yes or no big guy … Everyone is waiting for you my friend ….


Bazant pdf.

Freeamerican Radio CRD Publishing P.O. Box 86254 Tucson AZ 85754 6254 520-413-2397 Skype- freeamerican69

#1) Israel did 9/11 – ALL THE PROOF IN THE WORLD

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: So what is your excuse for not answering a question everyone else has already answered?

AUSTIN PETERSEN: I already told you I didn’t study cryptozoology.

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: Did you study TV media Petersen? … That’s what I’m asking about … Weren’t you a producer? … I’d think you’d know some fake footage when you see it?

AUSTIN PETERSEN: No dude I majored in musical theater. Just a lucky idiot from Peculiar Missouri. Joined a revolution. Launched a TV show on Fox. nbd.

ANONYMOUS “DEBUNKER”#2: Johnathan, you may be aware of the Razor, but you don’t seem to understand it. “The explanation with the fewest assumptions is most likely correct.” Conspiracy theories require a lot of assumptions.

ANONYMOUS “DEBUNKER”#4: Watch people use mathematics to show that Richard Gage is fucking retarded.

911 pdf.

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: I’m a fact checker … Fact: is this video authentic or not? … Period … You guys are wasting your time ….


This program computes total collapse times based on parameters
describing the floor on which the collapse started. The program
makes the following assumptions, all of which favor short collapse

• Each floor is an infinitely thin slab, and all the mass of a
story is concentrated in the slab.

• Mass is uniformly distributed among the stories.

• The overhanging portion (eg: 14 floors in the North Tower)
falls as a block, with its bottom floor accumulating pancaked
slabs of the once-intact floors as it encounters them.

• Once the bottom of the block reaches the ground, the floors in
it start to pancake from bottom to top, the roof of the tower
falling at freefall at that point.

• The falling block remains perfectly centered over the intact

• The accumulation of floors is inelastic.

• Each floor’s support vanishes when touched by the falling

• Momentum is conserved.

• None of the kinetic energy of the falling mass is diverted to
other sinks (concrete pulverization, steel bending, etc.)
The following table summarizes the results of running the program
with parameters specifying that the collapse starts at the 80th and
95th floors:

Momentum is conserved.

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: First thing I notice Petersen is that all the mass of a story is NOT in the slabs … It was in the massive vertical inner core columns that were specifically designed to resist a progressive pancake collapse … Second thing I notice is that 14 floors you are referring to disintegrated in the first few seconds not “after it hit the ground” … Third the top block did not stay perfectly centered as you suggest it fell over then disintegrated outward in the first few seconds so there is not mass left over to crush anything and four for the sake of time I notice you didn’t answer my question …..

ANONYMOUS “DEBUNKER”#2: Actually, the WTC had an innovation design where most of the load was carried in the skin of the buildings. That skin was then tied to the core for stability.

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: I stand corrected … The bulk of the mass was in the staggered outer columns AND massive inner core columns not the floor slabs … Thanks ….

ANONYMOUS “DEBUNKER”#4: Want me to link that paper explaining how the sagging floor compromised those outer supports John?

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: No I’ve already seen everything you’re going to show me in spades and then again … Plus I didn’t ask for it in the first place … I only asked PETERSEN one question and that is it ….

ANONYMOUS “DEBUNKER”#3:You asked if the footage is authentic. It is. The conclusions drawn by the narrator are erroneous.

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: And for at least the third time I didn’t ask about the audio and your previous answer has been noted … Thank you ….

ANONYMOUS “DEBUNKER”#3: Very good. The audio does not represent what is depicted in the video. We agree.

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: I don’t agree with that at all … The commentary absolutely represents what’s in the footage … Shall I dictate it word for word for you then you can explain specifically why it doesn’t? … Like you actually know what you’re talking about this time … But we do agree that the video is authentic thanks ….

ANONYMOUS “DEBUNKER”#3: Did someone say that it wasn’t authentic?

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: Not yet … Still waiting for the ONLY PERSON I WAS ACTUALLY TALKING TO to answer yes or no though because I have five follow up questions when he’s done wasting your time ….

MANNY BADILLO:There are plenty of men and women who know much more about the crimes than those who choose to mock them.


AUSTIN PETERSEN: If you are sad then you’re mad.

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: What’s really cuckoo and sad Austin is after three days you can’t answer my simple yes or no question ….

MANNY BADILLO: And Austin ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ Petersen still won’t go near it.

AUSTIN PETERSEN: Go near what?


Hey Petersen … You’re not a holocaust denier are you?




JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: Seems to make sense when you do it ….


JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: When you run around here Saying “Raw” and “Paw” and “Are you a holocaust denier?” when someone asks you a simple question … Doesn’t seem like you like it too much ….


JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: Huh? … Maybe you should make a youtube video sos I can tell wat ur sayin?

AUSTIN PETERSEN:  *crickets*

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: Speaking of youtube videos (I’m glad you brought it up) … Is this footage authentic? … Just Yes or No ….


JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: The footage now not the audio ….

AUSTIN PETERSEN:  *crickets*

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: What’s the matter are the Kochtopuses watching you right now or something? … Should I come back later? ….

AUSTIN PETERSEN: Bin laden did it.

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? … I wish Bin Laden did it I’d have better things to do right now ….

AUSTIN PETERSEN: John if you truly wish that, there are enough facts out there for you to prove that it happened as it has been claimed by al Qaeda. Try debunking yourself. I did and it was liberating.

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS:  Yes or no Petersen don’t change the subject ….

AUSTIN PETERSEN: Inconvenient for the truth. Convenient for those who piece together holes to make bigger holes. But for skeptics, we piece together string to knit a quilt. It’s evidence based theories vs. conjecture based theories. Holes vs. evidence.

AUSTIN PETERSEN: We don’t have everything and I question the official story myself. But my questions are based on evidence from expert testimony such as Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer and Michael Scheuer as well as my own interviews of the head of the 911 commission Phillip zelikow. My theory is that our defense agencies failed us because our government is a huge fuck up and they are involved in covering their own asses. You conspiracy theorists are doing their jobs for them.

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: So they should go to prison then is that what you’re saying? … You know for negligent homicide? ….

AUSTIN PETERSEN: If we could get enough evidence for a trial, however the key issue with able danger was that there wasn’t key evidence to prove that they identified Mohammed atta before 911. It was merely based on the testimony of Shaffer and you need two corroborating sources to go to court. If we had another source confirming staffers testimony we could take this case further. I tried everything I could to push it forward even bugging zelikow personally trying to slip him up, but I failed.

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: What about Coleen Rowley? ….

AUSTIN PETERSEN: I did the hard work on 911, using all the resources a professional journalist could muster. In the end I could not get enough evidence to prosecute anyone other than bin laden and the hijackers themselves. The us officials who were asleep at the switch were covered for and the 911 conspiracy theorists gave them plenty of smoke screen to slip away under. Congrats guys. You fucked the liberty movement and destroyed any chance we might have had at real justice and could possibly have endangered us all in the future.

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: Seems like the liberty movement and the truth movement and the anti war movement have all been heading in the same direction for ten years to me … Too bad we couldn’t all ride together ….

AUSTIN PETERSEN:  The intellectual Antiwar movement hates you guys. They are providing me with my debate background. If they had drones they would send them out in front of me because they are so pissed at how badly the conspiracists have screwed them and how govt has taken advantage of the conspiracists lies to cover for their murderous wars of empire overseas. So a big hearty eff you from your “friends” at Antiwar.

They screwed up at the same time just the same way as when something bad happens everyone expects someone else to take care of it. That’s why big government screws up because there are so many redundancies they think someone else is taking care of it. That’s why the failures of 911. A huge bureaucracy and everyone thought everyone else would act. Then when they did act it was too late. And now they are covering their asses and conspiracy theorists are laying down a nice thick blanket of smoke and the wars go on, and those of us who want them to end have no one to help us. We skeptical libertarians are alone in the wilderness, preaching to those who will not listen because their minds have been warped by Alex Jones and his ilk.

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: Ilk … 🙂 … Maybe he feels the same way you do he just chooses to express it by screaming NEW WORLD ORDER every two minutes instead of RAW PAW” ….

AUSTIN PETERSEN: John. He is leading you all off a cliff. Come away.

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: Speaking of Alex Jones … Is this footage authentic? ….


AUSTIN PETERSEN: I’m telling you facts. I interviewed zelikow personally. I’m close to many of the key figures in the investigation. I prosecuted Rumsfeld personally on FreedomWatch. I know what went down, they screwed up big time and now they are all going to get away with it.

I’m a libertarian. Just skeptical.

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: So does a skeptical libertarian think we should have a criminal investigation of 911?

AUSTIN PETERSEN: I would live a criminal investigation if there were enough evidence. However the administration has shielded itself by placing soldiers in gizmo, again, to protect themselves!!!

JOHNATHAN DOUGLAS: How about this then Austin … You keep speaking of no evidence that the government had anything to do with 911 … Is there any evidence worthy of your burden of proof that anyone else did? ….



  1. ANONYMOUS “DEBUNKER” #3 says:

    Who is ANONYMOUS “DEBUNKER” #3? That guy sounds really cool.

    • He was my favorite too … He didn’t know much about the subject but at least he was nice enough to answer the question a few times ….

      • ANONYMOUS “DEBUNKER” #3 says:

        I like that comment.

        • Debunker#3 … As far as your fellow debunker’s statement about a tornado being “an explosion too then” he’s not considering the “time” factor of the equation like I am … An explosion has “instant” acceleration like in the video there (0 to 100 miles an hour in less than a second which can be timed by the video you already said was “authentic”) … Where as tornadoes have to build up speed gradually … Regarding the other gentleman’s rather amusing question, I specifically said the 911 attacks have never been “criminally” investigated … They HAVE been politically investigated ad nausea by hand picked political types (NIST/911 Commission “Not here to name names or assign blame”) who have a predetermined political stake in the (predetermined) outcome … Which is why we don’t call biased hand picked “politicians” every time there is a crime … We call the “police” ….

          Petersen’s comment about me not having a sense of humor about all of this … The next time his family and friends are murdered I’ll laugh about it and see how he likes it ….

  2. Twoofy. says:

    Why did Austin shut his facebook page down? Because 9/11 activists took it over with facts that couldn’t be debated or ignored. Austin is nothing more than a puppet with an extremely sensitive ego. Don’t poke fun at him, or else he might shut down another page loaded with real 9/11 debates. His ego, his side kicks, and his 9/11 debates were obliterated. I guess I’d probably erase my illogical, self righteous delusions that made me look like a moron off the internet too.