Taking a Dive 101 with Dr. Ron Paul

Posted: April 12, 2012 in Fraud, Politics
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By: Johnathan Douglas
Apr. 2, 2012

I REALLY hate to be the voice of reason … (*sigh*) Again but it has to be said!

Voice of reason: Ron, you and the people who are putting their necks and treasure on the line for your campaign are the victims of blatant election fraud … You as the head of said campaign should do something about it or at the very least publicly object.

Ron{paraphrased}: “Well, if someone who knows more about it can get some kind of documentation it would be alright if THEY did something about it, I guess.” …

The voice of reason: Well, you are the person responsible for bringing this to court if you’ve been cheated … AND There’s been a WELL documented pattern of election fraud for the last ten years now (at least) by MANY people who know what they are talking about … Here is their documentation and they are willing to back you up … So the ball is right back in your court now Ron Paul.

Ron{paraphrased}: “I don’t want to be thought of as a conspiracy theorist and I can’t be bothered with all that stuff right now, I’m too busy trying to stop a war with IRAN!”

The voice of reason: Well first of all, if the elections weren’t being outright stolen you wouldn’t have to work so hard … Second this is what I’m hearing from you right now, “I can’t be bothered with the documented fact that there is no carburetor in my engine, I’m too busy trying to put gas in the tank!”

Well … Good luck with that Ron Paul ….

After all you see what happens without an accurate Vote Count ….

Rolling blackouts, Halliburton, 911, The War on Terror, Private mercenariesFISA, Patriot Act, NDAA 2012, Signing Statements, Executive orders, New Standards of Truth, Science, Conduct, and Justice: “Guilty until proven innocent beyond all unreasonable doubt”, Blending of the military and police, Tens of trillions in “Secret Bailouts“, Random TSA “Checkpoints”  (Coming Soon to a corner near you I’m guessing)  Endless wars without approval, The draft, Slave (*eh hem*) I mean Civilian Work Brigades, Selective confiscation for profit, Arrests  with no law And onAnd on

And on probably ….

Ron Paul Supporter: “The media would paint him as a loon and a sore loser … Besides Ron’s nose doesn’t belong in a fight over some alleged election fraud right now … In case you haven’t noticed his plate if full trying to become president … The war over Liberty is today, there is no tomorrow!!”

Voice of Reason: So Ron’s nose doesn’t belong in a case where HE was cheated? … Doesn’t sound very constitutional to me … And Ron’s plate if full BECAUSE the elections are rigged it’s as simple as that … Ron Paul supporters are fighting to win one battle at the cost of losing the entire “war for liberty.” … I can’t make it any simpler then that …

You’re either for getting cheated again or you’re not … If I don’t want to touch the stove am I being cynical or wise? …  Acting like Ron Paul can work around election fraud is the very definition of insane … Contest the election fraud Ron Paul … Follow the advice of the experts who are telling you the truth …

Demand an audit!! ….

Voice of Reason: In a constitutional republic Ron Paul can’t pass all of these new wonderful laws you think he’s promised without the legislative branch  … Hence the voting ….

Ron Paul Supporter: “So my question then is… r u truly a rp supporter??”

Voice of Reason: I support the constitution which is a legally binding contract between We the People and the federal government … I think the entire “Voting Cycle” is simply a game that’s not even worth playing without an audit ….

Just as if I walked up to a bank teller and said:

“I have a bejillion dollars in the bank that I’d like to withdraw now … You can’t look though” ….

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